Vision & Programme

Environmental awareness

Everything which surrounds us is Environment. For healthy life we need to live in a pure natural environment but anthropogenic reasons have made the environment very polluted. Destruction of forests due to indiscriminate cutting of trees has made the condition graver. Seeing the need of environmental awareness, JVS, works to encourage public consciousness towards plantation, cleanliness, water conservation, biodiversity, wildlife conservation safe disposal of plastics etc.


Trees are our lifeline. Trees have been accorded the status of god because they don’t demand anything in return for their services. Therefore to encourage such feelings and make our environment resourceful there is a need to create a mass movement for plantation. JVS is working incessantly to make plantation a popular mass movement.

Water Conservation.

Water is necessary for life. We can’t imagine life, agriculture, industries, trees etc without water. We can’t create water because it comes through a natural process. The sources of water are shrinking day by day due to climate change. Therefore there is a need of water conservation. Jaldhara vikas sansthan is working to create public awareness towards this.

River Rejuvenation

Since Ancient times rivers are regarded as mother. Over the period of time the respect for rivers has gone down and therefore Rivers are becoming the place of garbage disposal. River channels and their places of origin are now devoid of tress and as a Result Rivers are drying up .JVS is working tirelessly to rejuvenate the dried up river Kothari by encouraging public participation in water conservation and plantation.

Organic farming.

India is a land of agriculture. The uncontrolled and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for agricultural production is not only polluting agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, grain etc but also making the land infertile. In such scenario organic farming can prove to be a boon. Organic farming is primarily based on the use of compost and cow dung. JVS is working endlessly towards promoting organic farming.

Bird Conservation.

Birds are integral part of our ecosystem. Bird life helps in spreading seeds of different verities to far off places hence contribute in the expansion of forests. Ponds, shallow water etc are generally liked by birds and they are their shelter. To increase the population of birds and conserve them we not only need to protect them from hunters but also there is a need to protect the water reservoirs in their natural forms. By protecting water reservoirs, organizing bird conservation events and bird festivals, jVS is working to protect birds.