Adopt Village


India is a country of villages and farmers where more than 60% of its population lives in rural areas. So the development process without inclusion of Rural India is lopsided and unsustainable. The villages are the soul of India.
In our life most of us experience a strong inherent feeling to contribute towards serving the society of rural India but due to lack of time and experience that feeling remains unattended.
But don’t be disappointed. Join the hands with us and we can turn your feeling into a reality.
“We, The Jaldhara Vikas Sansthan(JVS)”
We, the Jaldhara Vikas Sansthan(JVS) is devoted to provide the most needed advise and aid to the villagers by igniting their thoughts so that they can develop their vision to make the village of dreams. The JVS is a registered organisation working for environment awareness, plantation, bird conservation and river rejuvenation for the last six years. The JVS has received a number of awards from District administration and Forest Department including the most prestigious Rajasthan State level “Amrita Devi Bishnoi Forestry Award” from the Government of Rajasthan. The Sansthan has organised more than 200 night time Gram Chetna Sabha(Village Awareness Meetings). The Sansthan has also conducted environment awareness talks among the students of more than 400 schools. These resulted in the mass plantation movement. Thus Adopt a Village to serve the soul of India.
“Task to be Executed in the villages”
Having such a broad and deep experience, the Sansthan hereby welcome you to come ahead to adopt one or more village where following tasks will be carried out by it-

  1. Organising Environment awareness talks in schools in order to nurture the love and affection for village and environment among the young generation.
  2. Distribution of thoughts igniting pamphlets.
  3. Organising night time open awareness Sabha on tree, water conservation, environment and rural development.
  4. Formation of Apno Gaon Samiti (Our Village Committee) to conserve natural resources and environment.
  5. Slogan writing on walls in villages to remind the villagers the environment issues.
  6. 300 plants of different species (Mostly fruit bearing) will be provided to villagers to adopt them in order to enrich bio diversity. These trees will be planted through people’s participation and “Apno Gaon Samiti”.
  7. Five to ten interested farmers will be selected and trained for advance farming. They will be provided the seeds of economically lucrative trees and plants. They will set example for other farmers.
  8. In order to aware the farmers and to promote organic farming Jaivik Sabha will be organised.
The JVS is intended to achieve the following targets by executing above mentioned tasks-

  1. To spread awareness towards environment, water conservation and cleanliness among villagers.
  2. To increase friendliness in villagers towards flora and fauna.
  3. To set examples for organic farming by encouraging farmers to adopt it and to work for making the farming a beneficial activity
“Return Gift To The Sponser”
As you will be the sponsor of a particular village your name will be displayed prominently in the pamphlets, flex, wall writing etc. It will be a great pleasure if you or your representative attend the above said programme personally. After the completion of the work the Sansthan will provide you a folder containing work detail, photos etc. along with 80G receipt. In this way you may become the part of this noble cause of rural development. Please visit our website This programme will be carried out in the villages of Bhilwara and Rajsamand districts of Rajasthan.